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  • 316L Stainless Steel Sheet

    316L Stainless Steel Sheet
    1. Finish:2B/BA/NO.1/NO.4/8k/HL/bright/polish/satin/pickling,ect
    2. Some length and width:
    length:2m,2.44m,2.5m,3m,5.8m,6mect or as your require.
    width: 1m,1.22m,1.25m,1.5m,1.8m,2m,2.5m,3mor as your require.
    3. Technique:Hot-Rolled,Cold-Rolled
    4. Color:Natural silver/gold/black ect
    5. Edge:Slit edge & mill edge
    6. Standard: ASTM A240 ,ASTM A480,JIS4304-2005,JIS G4305
    Product Details:

    316L stainless steel sheet

    Due to the addition of Mo,316L stainless steel sheet has the charateristics of excellent corrosion resistance,

    especially pitting corrosion resistance is excellence,excellent working hardening (post-processing weak magnetism),and high temperature intensity.The solid solution state is nonmagnetic.

    316L stainless steel sheet is divided into bright stainless steel sheet, polished stainless steel sheet, precision stainless steel sheet, 2B stainless steel sheet, 8K stainless steel sheet, 6K stainless steel sheet, BA stainless steel sheet, mirror stainless steel sheet, ultra-thin stainless steel sheet, medium stainless steel sheet, thick stainless steel sheet, ultra-thick stainless steel sheet,ec.

    Products Information


    Thickness: 0.15mm-3.00mm (CR) 4.00mm-200mm (HR)


    Length: 2000mm, 440mm,2500mm,3000mm,3048mm,5800mm or as request


    Hot-Rolled, Cold-Rolled


    No.1, 2D, 2B, BA, No.3, No.4, No.240, No.320, No.400, HL, No.7, No.8,



    Natural silver/gold/black ect


    Slit edge & mill edge


    Construction, decoration, elevator door, food industry, convey belt, paper industry, stair,Machine

    Mechanical properties                          

    Tensile strength (Mpa) 620 MIN                      Yield strength (Mpa) 310 MIN                              

    Elongation (%) 30 MIN                                    Area reduction (%) 40 MIN

    316L stainless steel sheet

    Finish-316L stainless steel sheet 

    finish 3.jpg

    316L stainless steel sheet

    1. Characteristics: Because of the addition of Mo,its corrosion resistance,atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature strength are particularly good,and that can be used in harsh conditions.With the characteristics of excellent work hardening(non-magnetic),excellence in high temperature strength,solid solution state non-magnetic,good and beautiful appearance for cold-rolled product;relative to 304L stainless steel,the price is higher.

    2.Uses:Seawater equipment,chemical,dyestuff,papermaking,oxalic acid,fertilizer and other production equipment;photography,food industry,coastal facilities,etc.

    Tonghui is one of the China leading 316L stainless steel sheet manufacturers and suppliers.If you want to buy or import best quality 316L stainless steel sheet  from professional company/factory/seller, and/or exporter,please feel free to contact us. 





    Please email to:sxthsteel@sxth-group.com to learn more about  316L stainless steel sheet.

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