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  • Stainless Steel H-Shaped Steel 304

    Stainless Steel H-Shaped Steel 304
    1. Specification( Height * Width) : 100X100-400X400( HW); 150X100-500X300 (HM);150X75-900X300( HN)
    2. Length: 9m-12m
    3. Surface:Black,Bright,2B,BA,NO.1
    4. Technique: Hot rolled, welded ,ect
    5. Standard: ASME,ASTM,EN,BS,GB,DIN,JIS etc
    Product Details:

    Stainless Steel H-Shaped Steel 304

    Stainless Steel H-Shaped Steel 304 is an economic cross-section efficient profile with more optimized section area distribution and more reasonable strength-weight ratio, which is named because its cross section has the same shape as the English letter “H”. 

    Stainless Steel H-Shaped Steel 304 Product Introduction:

    1. Features: High structural strength;Flexible and abundant design styles;Light structural self-weight;High structural stability;Increase of structural effective use area;Reduction in labor and materials;Convenience for machining;Environmental protection;High industrialized manufacturing degree;High engineering construction speed.

    2. Types:H-shaped steel is divided into hot-rolled H-shaped steel and welded H-shaped steel (H), wherein hot-rolled H-shaped steel is divided into H-shaped wide-flange steel (HW), H-shaped medium-flange steel (HM) and H-shaped narrow-flange steel (HN).

    Stainless Steel H-Shaped Steel 304 Product Composition(%):

    ≤0.07 ≤1.0 ≤2.0 17.0~19.0 8.0~11.0≤0.03≤0.035

    Stainless Steel H-Shaped Steel 304


    All the parts of Stainless Steel H-Shaped Steel 304 are arranged at right angle, so Stainless Steel H-Shaped Steel 304 features strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost conservation, light structural weight and other advantages in all directions, and has been widely applied. 

    It is widely applied to industries, buildings, bridges, oil drilling platforms and other aspects, and is mainly used for beam and column members in industrial and civil structures.

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