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  • Who Found The Stainless Steel?
    Apr 13, 2018

    Who Found The Stainless Steel?

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    People are not strange to the stainless steel, Its used everywhere in the daily life,such as cup, utensils for cooking ,tableware , the decoration of the bedroom window, even the keychain. Stainless steel is a kind of special material, It also been widely used in modern industrial construction, chemical equipment, medical treatment, national defense, space craft and advanced science and technology. So,Do you how know is the stainless steel metal was found?

    On the eve of the first World War,  In 1912. Harry Brearley,a smelting expert of England,In 1912 Brearley was given a task by a small arms manufacturer who wished to prolong the life of their gun barrels which were eroding away too quickly. Brearley set out to create an erosion resistant steel, not a corrosion resistant one, and began experimenting with steel alloys containing chromium. During these experiments Brearley made several variations of his alloys, ranging from 6% to 15% chromium with differing measures of carbon.

    Brearley's smelting experiment did not go well at first. They failed again and again, and they threw the steel blocks that were not required to the outdoor corner of the proving ground. As time went on, the steel piled higher and higher, and became a small hill of steel that became rusty after the sun and rain. One day, the investigators decided to clean out the scrap. In the process of transport,several pieces of steel was found shining in the pile of corroded steel pieces. Why this piece of steel did not rust?. After repeated observation and tests, Brearley was surprised. To discover the mystery of this strange affair, he decided to study the strange steel.

    Brearley recalled carefully and repeated the test records. In order to find out the composition of its chemical elements, Brearley decided to test it. The detection results of the analysis this is a chromium iron alloy, carbon 0.24%, Cr 12.8%.It was necessary for Brearley to etch his steels with nitric acid and examine them under a microscope in order to analyse their potential resistance to chemical attack. Brearley found that his new steel resisted these chemical attacks and proceeded to test the sample with other agents, including lemon juice and vinegar.

    However, Brearley is not the first inventor of stainless steel. At the beginning of twentieth Century, two France Boluzi guyet engineers had found that mixed chromium in the iron has bright and corrosion resistance, because did not know what is the use of this alloy, they were easy to throw it away. In 1912, Hemos of the United States also made stainless steel. The same time, the German metallurgical expert Shute Laws and Mao also found that in the smelting of chromium, nickel can be made into the steel will not rust. They found almost British brier in the same starting line, but they neglected the strange phenomenon until Brearle’ findings.

    Scientific exploration is difficult and tedious also full of interesting and accidental. People say that the stainless steel is a accidental "invention" .It is a by-product of development of steel metal material with the gun. In 1915, Brearley's stainless steel discovery was patented in the United States, and in 1916 it was patented in Britain. At this point, Brearley and Moss founded a factory producing stainless steel tableware ,put the scientific and technological achievements into productivity. As a result of the new stainless steel tableware popular in Europe, and later spread all over the world.Brearley had won a high reputation, he was called "The father of stainless steel"