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  • What Is The Future For The Stainless Steel Industry?
    Jan 22, 2018

                     What is the future for the stainless steel industry?

    stainless steel pipe

    It's hard to do business for raise prices, price reduction ,low profit, high cost ect! The factories ,dealers  sales are hard to do! What is the future for stainless steel?

    Establish a stable cooperative alliance

    first two months of the stock out and the Rise in price period, the raw materials can't meet the production needs in many enterprises. Some shortage is not serious, the main reason is that daily and suppliers to maintain a relatively stable relations of cooperation, when one trouble, the other party will support.


    Establish stable cooperation alliance is the key  of sustained and stable development . Either the seller or the buyer or partner in a particular field, please don't put yourself above others, understanding, tolerance, honesty, win-win, is the king of the enterprise management


    The combination 

    The state promotes the reform of mixed ownership, and is also trying to find a way out for the development of private enterprises.

    Strong strong association: the enterprise in the sale process and the related product enterprise joint marketing and so on.

    In the future, there will be more stainless steel enterprises relying on the listing to seek a way out. On the one hand, it is the support of obtaining funds. On the other hand, more importantly, the standardized operation of enterprises.


    Product innovation, channel innovation

    It is a direction for the future development of the enterprise to do fine and fine work and extend the application channels of products, so as to expand the sales channels and application channels of stainless steel products, and obtain multiple supports.


    Not only to do big, but also to strengthen

    Reduce cost, reduce inventory!Reduce the production cost is one of the focuses of the head are each enterprise, and believe that don't ever put on marketing, because marketing input is output, but is there some colleagues ignored the marketing cost accounting, especially the customer churn rate's influence on marketing costs?

      Most companies have attached great importance to the development of new customers, and neglect the loss of old customers, in fact maintain old customer is far lower than the cost of new customer development costs, and because of the hidden costs of production is not stable, have detailed statistics for a year which enterprise marketing cost?What is the development cost of new customers?How much is the maintenance cost of old customers?How to put the focus of marketing expense reasonably?What if the direct marketing costs of the enterprise were to be sent down to the downstream?


    Focus on the power of teamwork

    Individual development cannot rely on individual fight alone, the development of the enterprise also cannot rely on individual fight alone, we call more industry enterprise to unite to seek canal process.