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  • Trend Of Stainless Steel In March
    Mar 09, 2018

    In march, the expected demand for the market will improve, and the overall trend of the peripheral commodities will be better. In the short term, there is still a strong forecast for the short term, which is expected to be volatile.

    stainless steel pipe

    Nickel ore sales not better in February. Port inventory will decline in March. The main reason is that the export of the rainy season is limited. In march with the nickel iron plant inventory consumption, nickel futures trading will also be a slight improvement. In February, the bidding price of high nickel iron in domestic steel mills was always above 1000 yuan/ni. Although nickel iron supply is sufficient, but relative to nickel plate, nickel iron superiority still. It is expected that the monthly tender price of the main steel mills will continue to be above 1,000 yuan/ni in March, and may even have a higher impact.

    In march, the bid price for high carbon chromium iron in domestic mainstream steel mills will likely continue to rise to 7750 ~ 8100 yuan /50 basis tons, up 100 ~ 200 yuan /50 basis tons.Although the current chrome ore, ferrochrome imports fell, domestic supply is relatively tight, provides the conditions for ferrochrome prices rise further, but the current ferrochrome prices have led to steel mills in the break-even line, ferrochrome so march is more of a small rise, the possibility of surge is not high.

    Fundamentals of stainless steel market

    The current electronic trading march delivery are mainly composed of about 14500 yuan/ton, the market think march delivery amount is larger, cold-rolled market is difficult to improve, but in the face of the downstream low inventory requirements, as well as the raw material and hot-rolled prices double drive, market prices will come up in March。

    For the 400 and 200 departments, the price was stable in February, while the price of 200 was stable and small.The price of the cold roll is about 9600 yuan/ton, and the price is down 50 yuan/ton.The price of cold roll is 9350 yuan/ton, which is 150 yuan/ton.Market prices are expected to pick up in March.


    Terms of cost, steel mills have already in the break-even line in February, march, stainless steel raw material rise further, pull force steel product prices rise to seek its own survival space.

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