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  • The Timing Of Nickel Price Attack Is Not Yet Mature (2)
    Aug 08, 2018

    stainless steel pipe/sheet/bar/coil

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    Terminal electric vehicles continue to maintain a relatively high growth rate, but the growth rate has not continued to increase substantially, which means that the increase in demand has been relatively fixed, short-term demand power is not enough for the time being. On the other hand, the main production process of nickel sulfate in China is still nickel hydroxide as the raw material, and the profit of the nickel bean process is poor, and the volume of the nickel sulfate demand is still inadequate.

    At present, the demand of stainless steel terminal is weak, and the sales of the terminal pipe enterprises are relatively difficult; but for the future demand of stainless steel, there are many influencing factors. On the one hand, in July, the Ministry of Commerce launched an anti-dumping investigation on the import of stainless steel. However, because the stainless steel industry chain built in Indonesia is more perfect, it can be evade through billet, so the effect is mainly reflected in the risk deterrence of the new production capacity in the future. On the other hand, there is a certain uncertainty about the demand for stainless steel in the United States; in addition, although the domestic capital construction is expected to hedge, the tightness of infrastructure and stainless steel demand is limited and the strength is insufficient, so the stainless steel can not see a particularly significant change.


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