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  • The Timing Of Nickel Price Attack Is Not Yet Mature (1)
    Aug 08, 2018

    Nickel dominated demand for stainless steel is still weak for the time being, the overall trend of nickel prices in the short term is still more tangled, but long-term bullish.

    In spite of the repetition of nickel stock, the reality of 2018 re verifies that the decline in inventory since 2016 is mainly the result of the supply and demand effect, the recessive inventory is relatively limited. At present only the stock in the bonded area is relatively mobile, but with the reduction of the domestic nickel warehouse receipt, the logic of refining nickel itself is becoming more and more logical. The more intense.

    Since the middle of July, nickel plate spot import profit window is often opened, which will have a certain stimulating effect on import, but as the leading producer of foreign nickel plate, the output of Russian nickel in the two quarter is not incremental, but the stock of foreign dominant nickel plate is not much, so the elasticity of import is limited.

    stainless steel pipe/sheet/coil/bar

    Since July 2018, the nickel mine port has recovered continuously, and the three quarter is in the season peak of the Philippines nickel mine supply. In addition, after the relaxation of Philippines's environmental policy, Philippines has once again cancelled a two year suspension period to approve the approval of mining exploration, which means that the policy of exploration and mining in Philippines is again relaxed, The potential for nickel supply is relatively large, because only 3% of the 9 million hectares of high reserves identified by the government have been mined. Under such circumstances, the supply of nickel ore will be in full bloom for a long time.

    (To be continued...)

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