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  • The Nickel Price Is Good For A Long Time (1)
    Aug 02, 2018

    The weak demand for stainless steel and high stock made nickel pressure, the main contract of Shanghai and Ni was once down 108000 yuan / ton line, but the macroeconomic pessimistic expectation repair, the nickel market supply limited, the exchange stock continues to decline will provide long-term support for nickel price, nickel price is expected to maintain the oscillation trend.

    mirror stainless steel sheet

    In the 1-6 month, the output of domestic electrolytic nickel decreased by 8% to 71 thousand and 300 tons compared with last year. Under the influence of environmental supervision, the construction rate of the country's major nickel iron production areas were all suppressed in different degrees. In June, the start rate of the national nickel iron plant was 37%, the ring fell by two percentage points from last month, and the high nickel iron production in June declined by 14.3% to 28 thousand nickel tons. The overall supply of nickel iron in the country maintains a tight pattern.

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