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  • Something About Stainless Steel Round Bar
    Sep 18, 2018

    Stainless steel round bar belongs to the category of long profile,but also belongs to the bar type.The so-called stainless steel round bar refers to the long section with uniform cross section,generally about four meters long.It can be divided into bright and black round bar.The so-called bright round refers to a smooth surface,from cold drawing process;and the so-called black rod,refers to the surface of black,directly form hot-rolled.

    The common materials are Stainless Steel Round Bar 904L,Stainless Steel Round Bar 316,Stainless Steel Round Bar 409,Stainless Steel Round Bar 420,Stainless Steel Round Bar 410, Stainless Steel Round Bar 321,Stainless Steel Round Bar 310Stainless Steel Round Bar 310,Stainless Steel Round Bar 316L,Stainless Steel Round Bar 304L,Stainless Steel Round Bar 202,Stainless Steel Round Bar 201,Stainless Steel Round Bar 304,etc.The specification is expressed in diameter,such as "50",which means the Stainless steel round bar with a diameter of 50 mm.Stainless steel round bar is divided into three types:hot rolling,forging and cold drawing.The specification for hot rolled stainless steel round bar is 5.5-250mm.

    Stainless steel round bar

    Stainless steel round bar has broad application prospects and is widely used in hardware, kitchenware, shipbuilding,petrochemical,machinery,medicine,food,electricity,energy,aerospace,Seawater equipment,chemical, dye,paper,oxalic acid,fertilizer and other production equipment;photography,food industry,coastal facilities,bolts,nuts,etc.

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