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  • Mechanical And Physical Properties Of Thin-walled Stainless Steel Pipe For Water
    Dec 26, 2018

    thin-walled stainless steel pipe for water

    Mechanical and Physical Properties of thin-walled stainless steel pipe for water are as follows:

    1. The strength of thin-walled stainless steel pipes for water is very high (2-4 times of galvanized pipes, 3-4 times of copper pipes and 8-10 times of PPK pipes). It has good ductility and toughness,low temperature invariant brittleness. It also has a strong absorption capacity of impact energy (the energy absorbed by austenitic stainless steel is 2.5 times higher than that of carbon steel) and strong shock resistance.

    2. The thin-walled stainless steel pipes for water has excellent wear resistance and fatigue resistance; good high temperature strength, excellent waterproof and thermal radiation resistance; low thermal conductivity(1/25 of copper pipe, 1/4 of steel pipe), slow thermal expansion and cold contraction. 

    3. So the thin-walled stainless steel pipe for water is very safe and reliable.It can well withstand vibration impact, water hammer,thermal expansion and cold contraction;no leakage, no cracking, fire prevention, earthquake resistance;easy to process, cut, shape and weld; good thermal insulation performance, especially suitable for hot water transportation.

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