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  • LME And Domestic Low Inventory Support For Nickel Price Center Continue To Repair
    Aug 08, 2018

    stainless steel sheet

    At the beginning of the night, the nickel plate opened at 13725 US dollars / tonnes, and at the beginning of the plate, the Lun nickel went down along the daily average. It felt 13600 dollars / ton, underneath the five day line, and then bounced back and repaired, and the center of gravity fluctuated around the daily average. At lunchtime, lunni finished around $13655 / ton sideways. In the afternoon, supported by the weakening of the US dollar, Lun Ni oscillating upward, with a pressure of $13800 / tonne above, and a small drop. Entering the European period, Lun nickel continued to rise, reaching 13890 US dollars / tonnes, above the pressure of $13900 / ton, and the turbulence of the Lun nickel shock. In the evening, Lun Ni again strong operation, the upper pressure continues to pressure $13900 / ton pass. Closing at $13875 per ton, volume increased 749 to 8112, position decreased 623 to 241,000, inventory decreased 372 to 251,466 tons.

    Every night, the Shanghai nickel 1809 opens at 112950 yuan / ton. At the beginning of the market, the stock continued to increase, and Shanghai nickel rose slightly, touching 113840 yuan / ton, with a pressure above 114000 yuan / ton. Rising power is insufficient, and then fell short of consolidation near the daily average. Lack of confidence, continue to lose confidence, continued to escape, Shanghai nickel continued to shake down, 112600 yuan / ton, lower 40 antenna support, Shanghai nickel center around 113180 yuan / ton narrow fluctuation, 113240 yuan / ton, the volume of 92 thousand hand to 344 thousand hand, 19 thousand to 260 thousand holding capacity.

    In July, the growth rate of employment slowed down, and the dollar was weak. The external market rose, Lun nickel rose more than 1%, and nickel in Shanghai increased more than 1%. LME and SHEF nickel stocks continued to decline, supporting the internal and external plates to repair. Today, it is expected that the center of gravity is around 13900 US dollar / ton interval concussion, the main contract of Shanghai nickel is 1811 112500~114000 yuan / ton, and the spot price is 112000~114500 yuan / ton.

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