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  • Five Big Steel Enterprises Merge Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Business
    Aug 22, 2018

    stainless steel welded pipe

    On August 2, the five companies announced that they had reached an agreement on merging and reorganizing the stainless steel welded pipe business, taking April 1, 2009 as the time node, merging the stainless steel pipe and the new stainless steel pipe. At the same time, Nissan Steel, Nissan Steel Stainless Steel Tubes for automotive stainless steel welded pipe business will be restructured to the Nissan Steel Zhujin Steel Pipe Company. Through the integration of business strategy and optimization of production system to enhance competitiveness and meet the needs of all users.

    The signing of the merger agreement will be held in January 2019. Through this merger, Japan Railway Sumitomo Stainless Steel Tube, Japan New Steel Stainless Steel Tube TIG welded pipe, laser welded pipe business will be unified, and plans to merge in April 2019 to establish a new company. The sales scale of the new company is about 25 billion yen per year, and the sales volume is about 35,000 tons. It is mainly used in the equipment field. The share of stainless steel TIG welded pipe and laser welded pipe in the domestic market of Japan will reach 50%, and it will become the largest stainless steel pipe manufacturer in Japan.

    This adjustment is based on the market segmentation, production methods, in order to play a synergistic effect in the market, technology differentiation, efficient operation of the business.

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