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  • Do You Know The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electrochemical Polishing Of Stainless Steel?
    Jan 02, 2019

    stainless steel pipe/sheet/coil/bar

    Stainless steel polishing technology is a very important surface treatment technology, which can make the surface of stainless steel smooth and bright. There are three most popular polishing methods: mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrochemical polishing. Among them, electrochemical polishing has the following advantages and disadvantages.

    Advantages: The mirror gloss of stainless steel products after electrochemical polishing of stainless steel lasts a long time, and the electrochemical polishing process of stainless steel is relatively stable, the pollution to the environment is relatively small, the cost of this method is relatively low, the anti-corrosion property of polished products is also very good, and the anti-pollution property is relatively high.

    Disadvantages: If this polishing method is to be used, stainless steel producers will have a large one-time investment. When polishing complex parts, auxiliary electrodes should be installed. When electrochemical polishing of a large number of products, cooling facilities should be provided.

    Applications: Electrochemical polishing is generally used in polishing of high-grade products,export products and tolerant products.

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