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  • Expecting good demand instead of not restored,304 Stainless Steel's price may be weak in the short term.
    Aug 15, 2018

    stainless steel pipe/sheet/bar

    At present, the supply of 300 series stainless steel has increased, and the demand side has also gone out of the traditional off-season, but the actual demand has not yet recovered, and the short-term price may be weak; the supply is expected to increase (200 series to 300 series and Indonesian imported stainless steel), or the demand will recover, driven by demand in September and October last year 300 series stainless steel depots. There may be seasonal elimination behavior.

    The future increase in ferronickel supply will lead to a decrease in 304 stainless steel cost support, but the latter low inventory status may continue to maintain. Anti-dumping investigation of imported stainless steel and macro-easing policy have improved the supply and demand expectation of stainless steel midline, which has brought some support to the price. However, the anticipated demand still needs data validation. The actual demand has not recovered yet. With the gradual increase of market arrivals, the short-term stainless steel price may be stable and weak, but if the demand warms up in September and October. The price may be stronger.

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