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  • China's Thinnest Stainless Steel Came Out Of Shanxi To Break The Long-term Monopoly Of Foreign Countries (1)
    Aug 10, 2018

    A truck of 600 kilograms of stainless steel sheet with a thickness of only 0.02mm was transported from Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, to Germany on the 9th. This is the thinnest stainless steel sheet in China at present.

    This thickness of 0.02 mm, the width of 600 mm stainless steel is also known as "hand ripped steel." Reporters at TISCO precision strip company saw that the "tear steel" with only 1/4 thickness of A4 paper was easily torn in the hands of the staff.

    This is another self-developed substitute for imported products after "pen point steel" in 2017. According to Wang Tianxiang, secretary and manager of the Party Committee of TISCO Precision Strip Steel Co., Ltd., the 0.02mm "hand-torn steel" developed by TISCO is the thinnest stainless steel in China. Before that, the product was monopolized by Japan, Germany and other countries for a long time because of the difficulty of process control.

    Tisco precision strip company inspection director Liao Xi told reporters, precision stainless steel strip size range generally between 0.05 to 0.5 mm, 0.05 mm below is called stainless steel foil. At present, the market is mostly 0.05mm soft stainless steel, this research and development of 0.02mm stainless steel is higher than the forefront of industry standards, this ultra-thin stainless steel is mainly used in aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, electronics, household appliances, computers and other fields.

    (To be continued...)

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