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  • China's Thinnest Stainless Steel Came Out Of Shanxi To Break The Long-term Monopoly Of Foreign Countries (2)
    Aug 10, 2018

    stainless steel sheet

    (Following from previous page...)

    The production of the thinnest stainless steel was regarded as a research and development target as early as the establishment of the precision strip steel company of TISCO in 2008. After numerous failures, a small amount of 0.02mm stainless steel was developed in 2017, which reached the mass production level not long ago.

    In 2017, the "pen point steel" developed by TISCO triggered heated public debate, and the "Made in China" social network at home and abroad has been concerned. The appearance of the thinnest stainless steel not only breaks the long-term foreign monopoly, but also improves the manufacturing technology of stainless steel foil to the world's leading level.

    Wang Tianxiang introduced that the company is not only "hand-tearing steel". Tisco's cutting-edge technology has always been the support of the world's science and technology. At present, the company has cooperated with many enterprises to advance the development of hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars, flexible solar photovoltaic power generation, ocean exploration, new lithium battery coating and other fields of new materials.

    This ultra-thin stainless steel is mainly used in aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, electronics, household appliances, computers and other fields.


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