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  • Anti-dumping Duty Approaching, Import Volume Of Stainless Steel Increasing
    Aug 16, 2018


    Recently, China's stainless steel exports were blocked by anti-dumping. India has begun an investigation into subsidized production and export of welded stainless steel pipes imported from China, according to Indian officials. The General Administration of Trade Relief, part of India's Ministry of Trade, said there was "preliminary evidence" that subsidies could harm India's domestic industry.

    On the other hand, in August 2013, Taiwan levied an anti-dumping duty of 20.18% to 38.11% on the import of stainless steel cold-rolled steel products from mainland China, which has expired for five years. However, Yelian and Tang Ronggang on the island have applied to the authorities for a further five-year anti-dumping duty on China. Taiwan said it would conduct a sunset investigation with the Ministry of Economy on the application and decide whether to renew the anti-dumping duty within eight months.

    Faced with the fierce pursuit of anti-dumping, China's counterattack is much more low-key. It has been more than 20 days since the Ministry of Commerce announced the "Anti-dumping Investigation of Imported Stainless Steel Billets and Hot-rolled Stainless Steel Sheets/Coils from the European Union, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia", and no results have been announced yet.

    According to the information, in the course of the investigation, the relevant authorities made an initial decision on the existence of dumping and concluded that interim measures were necessary to prevent damage during the investigation, and interim measures could be taken. Provisional Measures shall be applied 60 days after the date of the initiation of the anti-dumping investigation. The Ministry of Commerce issued an anti-dumping investigation notice on July 23, 60 days later is September 21, so the provisional anti-dumping duty is expected to be levied after September 21.

    Many professionals said that it is more likely that temporary anti-dumping duties will be implemented in October. From the current cost and price of stainless steel, the temporary anti-dumping duties are expected to be around 20%.

    There is widespread talk in the industry that imports will increase significantly in September to catch up with the interim tariff levy in early October. It is rumored that imports are expected to reach as many as 100,000 tons in September, which may be in order to catch up with the fall of anti-dumping policy and import as many points as possible.

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