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  • Analysis Of The Trend Of Stainless Steel Industry
    Apr 16, 2018

    Industrial stainless steel pipes are widely used in various industries. Different industries and application fields have great differences in the quality and performance requirements of steel pipes. Among them, low-end market entry threshold is low, and some applications are in the high-end industrial stainless steel pipe market under high-temperature, high-pressure, cryogenic, high-vacuum, strong corrosion, inflammable and explosive, and other complex conditions, especially applied to petroleum and chemical industry. Industries, natural gas, power equipment manufacturing and other industrial stainless steel pipes have high industry barriers.


    Industrial stainless steel pipes


    (1) Production license

    Due to the important role of industrial stainless steel pipes in the safety production and operation of special industries, China has established a production licensing system in the fields of stainless steel pipes for oil and gas industry, stainless steel pipes for pressure vessels and stainless steel pipes for civil nuclear safety facilities. For enterprises that have not obtained the corresponding production license, the production and sales activities of related products are not allowed.

     (2) Qualified supplier qualification

    Industrial stainless steel pipe is the basic equipment in the system engineering and has important significance for safe production. Almost all large-scale industrial customers manage it as a key equipment and implement strict screening procedures for industrial stainless steel pipe suppliers.Qualified supplier qualification system, and only select suppliers from companies that qualify as qualified suppliers. The certification system conducts extensive and rigorous assessments on the industrial scale, credit status, product quality, production capacity, and after-sales service of industrial stainless steel pipe manufacturing enterprises. Only the industrial stainless steel pipe production enterprises that pass the assessment and meet the qualification requirements for a long time can perform the assessment. Qualified supplier qualification.

     (3)Technical and equipment requirements

    Industrial stainless steel pipe industry is technology-intensive. On the one hand, with the development of new materials such as super-duplex steels, nickel-base alloys, and corrosion-resistant high-temperature alloys, deep processing of stainless steel is faced with higher and higher technical requirements; on the other hand, downstream oil, chemical, natural gas, and power equipment, etc. Industry's requirements for industrial stainless steel tubes such as material, length, outer diameter, wall thickness, quality, and corrosion resistance tend to be diversified, making the differential application of stainless steel tubes more and more obvious. . In order to meet the differentiated product requirements and meet the safety performance requirements and quality standards of high-end products, industrial stainless steel pipe companies need to maintain a high level of technology and research and development capabilities, and improve the application of new technologies, materials, and processes. More advanced production, testing equipment and facilities.

     (4) Capital requirements

    Stainless steel tubes for industrial use are also capital-intensive industries. On the one hand, companies need to invest a lot of money to purchase raw materials to meet production requirements. On the other hand, the production of industrial stainless steel tubes is equipped with expensive production equipment and testing instruments. The investment in preparation and production is huge, and the capital requirement for the company is high.


    The favorable factors

    National industrial policy promotes the development of the industry

    As the basic materials in the industrial field, industrial stainless steel pipes are widely used in China's equipment manufacturing industry. Equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic industry that provides technical equipment for various industries in the national economy. It is highly related to other industries, and it is intensive in technology and funds. It is an industry. The important guarantee of upgrading, technological progress and the concentrated expression of the country’s overall strength.

    Infrastructure construction promotes industry demand

    Infrastructure construction is one of the main driving forces for China’s economic growth. With the development of urbanization and industrialization in China, investment in fixed assets continues to advance, and infrastructure construction will continue to be an important force in promoting China’s economic development. Petrochemical, natural gas, The steady increase in investment in fixed assets such as power and energy industries has led to the continuous increase in the demand for industrial stainless steel pipes.

    The unfavorable factors

    The competition in the low-end market is fierce and the industrial structure is irrational There are many domestic stainless steel pipe manufacturers, large, medium and small enterprises co-exist, and currently have the ability to produce high corrosion-resistant oil and gas pipes, LNG transportation pipes, ultra-supercritical power station boiler pipes, and nuclear equipment used in the petrochemical, natural gas and power equipment industries. The number of high-end industrial stainless steel pipes such as pipes, etc. is relatively small. Most of the products of the enterprises are concentrated in the low-end market. The industry is highly competitive, and the enterprises have extensive production and operation, low profit levels, and weak market risk resistance.

    High-end market Foreign companies have certain competitive advantages

    Although the production, technology, and quality of high-end stainless steel pipe enterprises in China are rapidly improving, there is still a certain gap between them and some outstanding international companies. After a long period of accumulation, excellent foreign companies have certain advantages in applied materials, production technology, equipment and testing. These enterprises have monopolized the market segments of high-end industrial stainless steel pipes under certain domestic special conditions. With the rise of domestic companies, these international companies have used their own cost and technological advantages to establish a high barrier to competition.

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