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  • 304 Hot Rolled Spot Quotation Is Strong, Tsingshan Iron & Steel October Orders Sparks!
    Sep 12, 2018

    After 10:30 a.m., the 304 hot-rolled market in the Sifo market was once again affected by the price adjustment in October at Tsingshan Iron & Steel.

    The price drop of 300 Yuan per ton, at first glance frightened a lot of "eating melon partners". This is to fall out of the real gold and silver, painful meat cutting situation.

    But in fact, most of the industry concerned about the market is aware that the 304 5' feet industrial sheet market has not much stainless steel coil & stainless steel strip resources to sell, the stainless steel plate inventory is also gradually declining, when you are still shivering and worried about the wreckage of "silver 10" .

    stainless steel coil

    Tsingshan Iron & Steel agency October Futures of 5' industrial sheet and strip orders have been smashed sparks! Only the Wuxi market under the order of 1000 tons is not a small number, can be irrefutable to say, until the time of publication of this network ,the salesman's hand phone, computer knocking is the proof of hot orders.

    The right price, the next pick up!  How can you sell goods without receiving orders? Next time, go to the customer completely to finalize the final amount of digestion, and waiting for delivery of resources on schedule is better.

    Of course, due to the previous situation, the price quotation of spot 304 hot rolling market is also at a strong stage. It is only 304 cold rolled, the subsequent pressure adjustment, and the speed is faster than imagined. OK, fortunately, the new round of running volume is about to start.

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