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  • 2018 European Stainless Steel Market Outlook.
    Jan 22, 2018

    stainless steel sheet/plate


                                      2018 European stainless steel market outlook.

    According to a report in December 2017 strong rise: stainless steel alloy surcharge otto kun's 304 (1.4301) of the alloy surcharge from November 1262 euros/ton rose to 1362 euros/ton, 316 (1.4401) of the alloy surcharge from November 1784 euros/ton rose to 1919 euros/ton.In addition, the surcharge on the graphite electrode for the period from September to December is 30 euro/ton.

    The report said the stainless steel market is in good shape, with strong end-user demand, higher prices and lower inventory levels, helping to boost profits in December.Good fundamentals are still in place at the beginning of 2018, but due to a reduction in the expected alloy surcharge, it is likely to start with a lower price of stainless steel.

    The European economy is back on track and is expected to grow further in 2018.The question is how companies will deal with the side effects of an economic rebound, such as limited capacity or limited skilled workers.Macroeconomic policies such as higher interest rates could also dampen a booming market, but could also help some countries get rid of overheating.

      According to research consultancy SMR estimates, in 2017, Europe the consumption of about 5 million tons of stainless steel flat bar, buildings and infrastructure accounted for about 19%, chemical/petrochemical and energy accounts for about 18%, cars and heavy transport accounts for about 14%, industry and heavy industry accounts for about 5%, consumer and medical accounts for about 43%, other end-user industries accounted for about 1%.

     According to the SMR is expected, in 2018, European architecture and infrastructure, chemical/petrochemical and energy, automobile and heavy transport, industry and heavy industry, consumer and medical all end-user industries will increase demand for stainless steel flat products, the total growth rate is higher than in 2017.Among them, the growth rate of automobile and heavy transportation, industry and heavy industry, consumer goods and medical industry is higher than that of 2017.

     Building and infrastructure requirements, building facade, water infrastructure, glass metal system, insulated window, stainless steel swimming pool are the driving factors, and stainless steel elevator is the inhibitive factor.

    In the chemical/petrochemical and energy needs, new power generation and refining projects are driving factors, and the oil and gas industry remains weak and is a depressant.

    Cars and heavy transport demand, higher engine temperature, the new European emission standards, fuel pipe and sensors and exhaust decoration is a driving factor, engine downsizing is restraining factors.

    In the demand of industry and heavy industry, the promotion of pulp and paper (temporary) and seawater desalination are the driving factors.

    In the demand of consumer goods and medical treatment, the energy saving device and food baking equipment are the driving factors. The surface of the sink and kitchen is the inhibiting factor.

    Defence is a driving factor in the needs of other industries.

    Damstahl also lists in 2018, the biggest risk: down prices for nickel, chromium, Indonesia's new stainless steel production capacity and continuing excess capacity stainless steel pressure on prices in China, the United States, Turkey, Russia's trade barriers, political tension sanctions, such as the euro to rise sharply (export), interest rates improve the monetary policy, such as weak European countries financial instability occurs, the plunge...

    Damstahl finally said that global stainless steel crude steel production is expected to exceed 50 million tons for the first time in 2018.

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