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  • What are the methods of choosing stainless steel plate?
    Jan 22, 2018

    stainless steel plate

    Nowadays, the construction and decoration are inseparable from the stainless steel plate. The stainless steel plate is a good corrosion resistant steel plate, and the selection method of several stainless steel plates is introduced.

    1. The use and environment of stainless steel plates should be considered before selecting stainless steel plates.For example, the decoration is usually welded with welded pipe, and the fluid transport is generally seamless, and the medical or kitchen should use the sanitary stainless steel plate, and the pressure is used for thick wall pipe.The general indoor USES 200 series material to be able, outdoor need to use 304 to wait for material, and in acid base area or coastal area commonly want to use 316 above material.

    2. When selecting the steel pipe, the material must be determined.Take 304 materials as an example :a, analyze from the price, if 304 material stainless steel plate is even lower than the general price of 304 materials on the market, it is very likely that other materials will be passed off if it is carefully identified;B. Whether the steel printing material "304" is printed on the surface of the pipe, and the manufacturer's certificate of quality shall be taken as the certificate;C. Acid reagent test. After 30 seconds, material 304 will not change color, and 201 will become black.D. Bulk purchase can be sent to the national authoritative testing center for component testing.

    3. Observe whether the color of outer surface and inner wall of the tube is smooth and smooth, whether the thickness is uniform or rough.General welded pipe this basic need not check, and seamless steel tube is to use cold drawn or hot rolling production, improper operation in the production process is easy to produce the phenomenon such as uneven thickness, tube surface has a crack, and rough surface is generally seamless tube polishing processing, if the appearance without special request will not affect the use.

    4. Select the excellent products evaluated by the quality and technical supervision bureau.It is the most direct and effective way to buy and sell products with long time and good reputation among customers.

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