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  • Stainless steel with nickel and nickel free identification methods! Do you know that? (2)
    Aug 02, 2018

    stainless steel pipe/bar/sheet/coil

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    Second: the stainless steel test liquid is identified by the stainless steel test liquid. The stainless steel test liquid is called the stainless steel liquid. As long as the drop is a little on the stainless steel, the chemical reaction of the water and the stainless steel can be done. The stainless steel plated steel can be clearly judged by the different color of the reaction.

    Third: stainless steel gutters are generally divided into chromium stainless steel and nickel stainless steel (only one of various categories). The method of magnetic inspection of stainless steel we used in ordinary times is only used for a part of stainless steel. In fact, the two kinds of stainless steel are all magnetic, but the chromium containing stainless steel is more magnetic than nickel containing stainless steel. You can attract chromium containing stainless steel with magnets, and attract very little nickel stainless steel. If only for nickel stainless steel, of course, the weaker the magnetism, the more nickel, this method is also the simplest and most commonly used one.

    Fourth: identification by metal instruments.

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