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  • Stainless steel with nickel and nickel free identification methods! Do you know that? (1)
    Aug 02, 2018

    As the stainless steel products flow into our lives, how to separate the materials and ingredients of stainless steel?The same stainless steel,the difference is even thousands of miles. The stainless steel is divided into many kinds, to say the most common kinds of stainless steel, 201/304. 201 Stainless steel, also known as stainless steel iron, is nickel-containing and is used with home or market decorations, such as staircase handrails / kitchenware,etc.

    304 stainless steel is widely used in our factory. It is used in factory equipment and pharmaceutical factory pipes. It is better to resist corrosion and compression than other steel. The amount of nickel is generally not less than 8 nickel. How to choose stainless steel? The different between 201 and 304 pipe is that the 201 pipe is more brightness and shiny, 304 is lusterless.

                  stainless steel sheet/pipe/bar/coil

    How to distinguish stainless steel with or without nickel?

    First: the spark identification method, mainly used in steel, is a method to identify the chemical composition of the material (composition element) and the approximate content of the material, because of the difference of the number, shape, bifurcation and color of various elements and particles when the grinding wheel is grind under the grinding wheel. Nickel content is also the best 8.0%-11.0%. Nickel content is important, but other elements such as carbon, chromium, manganese, sulfur content is also very important, should pay more attention.

    ( to be continues...)

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