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  • Stainless steel hexagonal bar information
    Sep 25, 2018

    Stainless steel hexagonal bar is a long solid stainless steel bar with hexagonal cross-section. Because of the characteristics of stainless steel hexagonal bar, it is widely used in ocean, chemical industry, construction and so on.

    Stainless steel hexagonal bar

    1. Stainless steel hexagonal bar characteristics

    1). Its size accuracy is high, up to (+0.01 mm); Size specifications: H2-H90 mm;

    2). It has good surface quality and good brightness.

    3). It has strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and high fatigue resistance.

    4). It has stable chemical composition, pure steel and low inclusion content.

    2. Common materials

    1) 316L stainless steel hexagonal bar performance: corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good weldability.

     2) Stainless steel hexagonal bar 316 performance: molybdenum and carbon content is low, in the ocean and chemical industry environment resistance to pitting corrosion is much better than 304 stainless steel, after welding or stress relief, its resistance to grain boundary corrosion is excellent, in Without heat treatment, good corrosion resistance can also be maintained. 

    3) 304L stainless steel hexagonal bar performance: 304L stainless steel is a low carbon content 304 stainless steel variant, used for welding occasions. Low carbon content minimizes carbide precipitation in the HAZ near the weld, which may lead to intergranular corrosion (welding corrosion) of stainless steel in some environments. 

    4) Stainless steel hexagonal bar 304 performance: 304 is a universal stainless steel material, rust resistance than 200 series of stainless steel material is stronger. High temperature resistance is also good, can be as high as 1000-1200 degrees. It has excellent corrosion resistance and good intergranular corrosion resistance. In addition, the 304 stainless steel material in the concentration of < 65% and under the boiling temperature of nitric acid, has a strong corrosion resistance. It also has good corrosion resistance to alkali solution and most organic acids and inorganic acids.

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