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  • How to drill through stainless steel?
    Dec 28, 2018

    stainless steel pipe/coil/bar/sheet

    Here we intruduce the ways to drill though the stainless steel:

    Twist drills are often used for drilling stainless steel workpieces. For hardened stainless steel, cemented carbide drills bit can be used, and ultra-hard high-speed steel or ultra-fine grain cemented carbide drills bit can be used when conditions permit.

    When drilling, the torque and axial force are large, the chips are easy to bond, not easy to break, and it is difficult to remove chips.Work hardening is aggravated, the corner of the bit is easy to wear and tear, and the rigidity of the bit is poor, so it is easy to produce vibration. 

    Therefore, the drill bit is required to grind out the chip groove, grind the cross edge to reduce the axial force, and grind into a double top angle to improve the heat dissipation conditions.

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