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  • How much do you know about duplex stainless steel? (3)
    Aug 10, 2018

    stainless steel strip

    (Following from previous pages...)

    6). Duplex stainless steel with low chromium content (18% Cr) has a wider hot working temperature range than 18-8 austenitic stainless steel, and has lower resistance. It can be directly rolled to produce steel plate without forging. Hot working of duplex stainless steel containing high chromium (25% Cr) is slightly more difficult than that of austenitic stainless steel. It can be used to produce plates, pipes and wires.

    7). The work hardening effect of cold working is greater than that of 18-8 austenitic stainless steel. In the initial stage of deformation, the tube and plate must be subjected to greater stress to deform.

    8). Compared with austenitic stainless steel, it has higher thermal conductivity and smaller linear expansion coefficient, so it is suitable for lining equipment and producing composite plates. It is also suitable for making the core of the heat exchanger, and the heat transfer efficiency is higher than that of austenitic stainless steel.

    9). There are still various brittleness tendencies of high chromium ferritic stainless steels, which are not suitable for working conditions higher than 300 degrees C. The lower the chromium content in the duplex stainless steel is, the less dangerous the brittle phase is.


    Used in heat exchangers and cold sprinklers and devices for oil refining, chemical fertilizer, paper making, petroleum, chemical industry, etc.


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