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  • Do you really know the story of 316 and 316L stainless steel ? ( 2 )
    Aug 16, 2018

    ( Following from previous page...)

    Because of the considerable price gap between 316L and 304, some bad traders sold 304 as 316L. Because 304 does not have the ability to resist pitting corrosion, if pitting perforation will cause leakage, which will cause major safety accidents in the chemical industry, so it is recommended that purchasing customers do chemical composition analysis of products to ensure safety.

    At present, there are very few 316 steel varieties in the market, the upper limit of C content of 316 is 0.08%, and the upper limit of C content of 316L is 0.03%. Because the current refining technology is very mature, steel mills can be very good at reducing the C content, and the market demand for 316 is not large, so steel mills generally only 316L, if 316 is needed to order from the steel mill.

    stainless steel sheet/pipe/coil/bar

    316 and 316L are also different in performance due to their different C contents. The higher the content of C is, the easier it is to initiate intergranular corrosion, such as when welding. Higher C content will also increase the tensile and yield strength of 316L. The upper limits of tensile strength and yield strength of 316 are 515 MPa and 205 MPa, respectively. The upper limits of tensile strength and yield strength of 316 L are 485 MPa and 170 MPa, respectively. The elongation and hardness of 316 are the same as those of HB217 and 40% respectively.

    From the above data, we can see that if customers need to weld stainless steel, we suggest using 316L. If there is no need for soldering and high requirement for the strength of stainless steel, 316 can be used.

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