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  • Do you know the welding requirements and methods for thin wall stainless steel pipes?
    Oct 29, 2018

    stainless steel welded pipe

    Taking the stainless steel welded pipe with thickness of 0.5mm~2mm as an example, the weld seam should be double-sided, smooth and without burr, and no undercut and no penetration are allowed. Material problems in welding are closely related to heat input. When heat input is large and cooling is slow, hot cracking, corrosion cracking and deformation are easy to occur. 

    In the welding method, the heat input of direct current tungsten arc welding is small, and the argon flow not only protects the high temperature metal, but also has a certain cooling effect, improves the crack resistance of the weld and reduces the welding deformation of stainless steel welded pipe; in addition, the heat generated by tungsten electrode is also small, and the tungsten arc is stable, under a small welding current.

    It can still burn steadily,especially suitable for welding thin walled stainless steel welded pipe.Therefore,the welding of thin wall stainless steel welded pipes should be directly connectedwith direct current tungsten inert gas arc welding.

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