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  • Do you know the distinction between annealing and Non-annealing of industrial stainless steel welded pipe?
    Nov 29, 2018

    There are mainly two mathods to distinguish the annealing and non-annealing of industrial stainless steel welded pipe

    stainless steel welded pipe

    1. Pipe material can be judged by echo. Knock each industrial stainless steel welded pipe and listen to the echo at the orifice of the pipe. If the echo is high and sharp, it has been annealed. Because the inner crystal structure of annealed parts is more uniform and dense, it can produce higher tone echo. Unannealed parts can absorb part of acoustic energy because of many defects, so the intonation at the nozzle is low and stuffy. Sonar can be used to detect if conditions permit.

    2. Measure the resistance per unit length of each industrial stainless steel welded pipe (e.g. 2 meters) with a digital multimeter with better accuracy. The resistance of stainless steel is large and should be measurable. The resistance of annealed industrial stainless steel welded pipe is smaller than that of non-annealed industrial stainless steel welded pipel. Dry before testing, no liquid.

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