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  • corrosion resistant stainless steel pipe for automobile exhaust system
    Sep 04, 2018

    Automobile exhaust system is mainly composed of exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, soft connection, catalytic converter and muffler. Different parts have different performance requirements for the materials used. According to the temperature, the exhaust system can be divided into hot end and cold end, in which the hot end part temperature is about 700-900 C, mainly high temperature oxidation, high temperature salt loss and high temperature fatigue failure; the cold end part temperature is about 100-600 C, mainly condensate corrosion failure.

    stainless steel pipe

    Stainless steel is widely used in automotive parts, such as body, chassis, exhaust system and so on, because of its high heat resistance, corrosion resistance and good ductility. According to the data, in recent years, the usage of automobile stainless steel has been increasing. Stainless steel was originally mainly used in automotive decorative parts, because it has a good appearance and has been widely used; compared with other parts, exhaust system materials pay more attention to performance.

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