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  • Brief introduction of 2205 duplex stainless steel
    Aug 29, 2018

    The 2205 is the representative steel type of duplex stainless steel. In all dual phase steels, it accounts for almost 80% of the total consumption. The most famous 2205 commercial brand is SAF 2205 produced by Swedish Sandvik. SAF is the abbreviation of Sandvik Austenite Ferrite. Other famous manufacturers include Outokumpu, ATI, Industeel and so on.

    Duplex stainless steel "duplex" means two kinds of microstructure, austenite and ferrite. In duplex stainless steel, the ferrite phase and austenite phase are approximately equal. Due to this special metallographic structure, duplex stainless steel has the characteristics of both austenitic and ferritic stainless steel, and its properties are more excellent.

    stainless steel pipe/sheet/coil/bar

    From the chemical composition, 2205 can be seen as austenite 316L grade on the basis of increasing Cr content to reduce Ni content, and other components from fine-tuning. Compared with 316L, the strength and corrosion resistance of 2205 are greatly improved.

    In terms of strength, the yield strength of 2205 is about two times that of 316L. Because of this higher strength, 2205 of allowable stress can be much higher. Therefore, in the same application scenarios, such as steel pipes, 2205 can reduce wall thickness, weight, and cost savings. At the same time, 2205 is a kind of nickel saving steel.

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