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  • Application Classification of Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
    Jan 07, 2019


                       stainless steel elbows             stainless steel tees            

    Stainless steel pipe fittings,especially stainless steel tees,stainless steel elbows and stainless steel reducer are more and more widely used in pipeline construction process. This is mainly due to their good forming, strong pressure resistance and simple welding form, so as to ensure the pressure bearing capacity of pipelines. Therefore, in process pipeline engineering, especially in high temperature, high pressure, inflammable and explosive pipelines such as Petrochemical industry, the rational use of pipe fittings is very important. And the quality of the pipe itself directly plays a decisive role.

    Because of this, in the process of pipeline design and installation, especially in the high temperature, high pressure and flammable and explosive pipeline engineering of petrochemical industry, the personnel of design/manufacture/installation units should strictly check every link from design selection, processing and manufacturing to construction, installation and inspection, so as to ensure the quality of its selection, material, manufacture, installation and inspection, otherwise, the installation and construction of the equipment will be carried out. The design and production process will cause incalculable losses.

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