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  • 12Cr16Ni35 (1Cr16Ni35), N08330, 1.4864330 austenitic heat resistant stainless steel
    Aug 06, 2018

    330 stainless steel pipe/bar/sheet/coil /strip

    The 330 is an austenitic heat resistant stainless steel with a density of 8.08g/cm.

    Material characteristics

    1. Corrosion resistance is good, especially for oxidation, carbonization and nitriding environment. High nickel content enables the material to resist chloride stress corrosion cracking and sigma precipitation and embrittlement.

    2. The oxidation resistance temperature is as high as 1095 C, and the anti scaling ability is very good at high temperature. Any oxide scale will be tightly attached to the surface of the material after the formation of the oxide scale. This is also true under the alternation of heating and cooling cycles.

    3. High nickel and a certain amount of silicon have excellent carburizing resistance. Under the alternating environment of carburizing and oxidizing, 330 showed excellent anti green corrosion.


    330 is specially used for oxidation resistance and carburization at high temperatures, especially in environments where cyclic heating and carburization are combined. It is often used to manufacture various industrial furnace components, various heat treatment and oil cracking equipment components.

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